The Fury of Exponential Energy


Jessica Hughes

The Fury of Exponential Energy is a series of mixed media works on paper which expand from my need to create a language that is dynamic, fast, bright and non-stop. I rely heavily on oranges, yellows, blues and blacks to create contrast and make words pop, imagery explode and hidden pieces catch the viewer’s eye if only for a brief moment. I am obsessed with the idea of being seen and noticed, and my work reflects that idea using various contrasts and half-organic, half-geometric shapes. I try to also evoke the sensation of movement through the colors, particularly yellow and orange clashed with darker colors.

The work reflects my own learning disability, Auditory Processing Disorder. I have trouble processing language, and oftentimes, words don’t come through correctly, and the meaning of a sentence or an entire conversation goes in a weird direction.


Mixed media, fine art, painting, drawing